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The Power of Video

"Time is Changing" and as well as your potential customers. In the past the written word had easily the greatest impact on people as far as advertising was concerned. Many people today, however, respond far more positively to sound and vision. This is why videos are such a powerful and effective way to get your message across to your customers.

The Power of Your Company's Image

The image you create to be projected to the public is immensely important. Your overall image is developed from a combination of a meaningful motto, an eye catching logo, a professional website and an engaging and informative video. People will be reached by your message on video who never would have visited your website. That has to be good news.

The Power of Marketing

There are so many different aspects to marketing, all of which play a role in getting your company's message across. The role of a video, however, is increasing in importance as time goes on. For a company to not have a professional standard video in its marketing arsenal today caould be compared to a soldier going into battle withour a gun. It is really becoming very important.

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  • I was impressed by Business2Video's  polite and open approach in my dealings with them., I didn’t have to reach in my pocket until I saw their work but once I saw the video I loved it.  I was amazed at the speed we started getting results. The number of enquiries is increasing as our video moves higher up the Google rankings. Business2Video have got us noticed, handling also our web development and social media presence. This has not been a cost for us but rather a great investment back into our business.  
    Ross Newbold
    Alfresco Living WA

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the future of online marketing. The benefits are astronomical for anyone in business. Video has moved along with all of the changes on the internet. Getting a video for your business has so many advantages. You probably didn’t know it by having a presence on You Tube you are going to improve the SEO status of your website. That’s a fact! The first thing you need to do is add your video link to your email. Then every time you send your email out then you are circulating your video. One of the ways to improve search engine results is to get views. The more people who see your website the better. Video can also be posted on all social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest any social media platform. What we are saying that video is extremely versatile. You can post on blogs and websites. Did you know that having a video on a blog or website will improve your bounce rate? This means that people will stay on your website longer. This is beneficial on many levels. It improves SEO as Google then knows people are interested in what you are saying and the longer someone is on your website. The more chance they are of doing business. If you are interested in having your website ranked on the search engine’s please let us know and we can discuss this with you. This can be very powerful as you may have noticed videos stand out. They are much larger than a website link and more colorful. Video SEO is becoming more and more popular. It’s much easier to rank a video on a search engine than it is to rank a website. The main reason is that You Tube which is owned by Google is 100% SEO approved. Very few websites will pass the Google test 100%. Make an enquiry if this is of interest to you. .

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