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Need a new website or an upgrade? Please check out our portfolio to see for yourself the excellent standard of work we produce for our clients. Our aim is to produce websites which are modern, eye catching and effective. Our web designers and programmers are of the highest calibre and produce websites that conform to industry best practice with relation to design, layout and security. We have stringent quality control systems in place to gauge the skill level of all employees of, and contractors to our company. While we aim to complete projects as quickly as possible we do not sacrifice quality. Our objective is that the whole experience should be hassle free for our clients.

Many of our clients had used other web developers in the past and were very disappointed. While there are some excellent companies out there who conform to high professional standards, there are many others who produce work which is second rate. This results in sites that simply do not function properly. If this has been your experience, then we sympathise and understand your concerns. For this reason, we have no hesitation in offering a full refund of any monies paid if a website is not delivered on time due to any fault on our part. It is vital that we develop trust and confidence right from the outset, and that we are there and on hand to answer any questions, and ease any concerns that you may have about the project. We pride ourselves in delivering what we say we will deliver and in the agreed timescale. This means you can be assured your project will run on time.

In an age when the majority of web searches are carried out on mobile devices, be they tablet computers or smartphones, you can rest assured that all of the websites that we design for our clients are fully mobile responsive and will display correctly on these devices. This is vital. We have all had the experience of attempting to access a website on a mobile device which has not been mobilised. It is frustrating and annoying. It also costs businesses customers and therefore income. You will have no such concerns with our beautifully designed and fully mobile responsive sites. Our sites are also designed with Google and other search engine standards in mind,

Many web development projects run way over the timescale originally agreed to, leading to frustration and a loss of confidence. At times, even towards the end of a project clients are still unclear as to exactly what they are getting. We will make sure you understand the details and are clear on the way we work.

For the more technical among you, please be aware that we work with all the modern coding protocols applied according to the needs and requirements of each individual site.

These include

  • WordPress framework
  • Html5 and css3
  • JQuery

Whether you are looking for a relatively simple website or something more intricate, please contact us to assess your project.

We are confident that whatever your needs we are able to tailor a solution that will be a great fit for your business. Whatever you are looking for we have got you covered. We are experienced in:

E- Commerce,
small business websites,
corporate web development,
booking applications and many more.

Business2Video will help you to realize your business goals.

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