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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing has increased in significance exponentially in recent years as Social Media itself has for many become an essential part of modern communication. Its importance is universally recognized and the study of aspects of social media is included in various university courses.

social_media_business2videoHere at Business2Video we understand the value of Social Media Marketing. Facebook alone has 1.5 billion users and, along with other platforms opens up whole new marketing possibilities that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.The astonishing number of users of social media ensures that a well designed, and properly targeted social marketing campaign inevitably has the potential to produce and increase business enquiries or almost any kind of venture. Businesses such as ours, for whom social media marketing is a specialism, design strategies to help clients make the best use of this recent development. The techniques that we utilize at Business2Video enable our clients to firstly, target their market, secondly, increase the amount of interaction with potential customers by, for example, bringing more viewers to their Facebook pages, and thirdly use strategies to convert interest into actual business transactions, creating buying customers and, developing our clients’ brand while improving their web presence in the process.

It’s that simple

We devise solutions that are tailor made for individual clients. For example, for some businesses a presence on Linkedin is especially important.  For a photographer, however,a prominent presence on Instagram would probably be considered a greater priority. Quite simply no two businesses are identical. As part of the individual tailored solution that we produce we aim to ensure that a client’s stands out from the crowd and exudes professionalism. The services of our Business2Video team of graphic designers is available , and they play a vital role in the creation of stunning profiles that get noticed.

Perhaps one of the most important priorities for us, with relation to the vast majority of businesses, is ensuring that they have a Google account, and that the account is in good order and well organized.  Google business listings can be an important tool in the promotion of any product or service. An array of useful features are available which many users do not fully utilize. A business is able to share important information within the listing and potential clients are able to communicate with them through innovative features such as CLICK TO CALL. Promotional images and GPS directions are incorporated into a well put together profile. It is important to understand the technicalities of how these listing work in order to maximize their potential for clients. Here at Happy Frog Digital we have a high level of knowledge and expertise to enable us to produce the most positive outcomes for our clients based on our extensive experience.

Inevitably FACEBOOK plays an important part in the overall social media marketing strategy that we develop for our clients. We aim to make sure that clients pages are dynamic and engaging. It is all about creating a buzz about our clients.

LINKEDIN and TWITTER can integrate very well with Facebook and play their part in the overall success level of a marketing campaign. Twitter is a fantastic medium for keeping close contact with people interested in your product or service. Look how many celebrities rely on it to communicate with fans!

Linkedin is sometimes overlooked, but, depending on the business type can play a pivotal role in the overall marketing plan.

social-media-business2videoSo what about your business? Are you ready to take advantage of this amazing marketing opportunity? Will you catch the wave? We can help you to get noticed and take your business to the next level and beyond. Everything that we will do for you will be clear and transparent. You will always know what services you are investing in. There are a huge number of social media platforms out there beside the major players. Check out the link below to see the list provided by Wikipedia. The rise of the importance of social media is truly astonishing.

So, if you would like to increase your income and brand presence by using social media then reach out to us today by clicking here. We can assess the present state of your business and devise a strategy for your success. We look forward to working with you.